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eadli○nes and sports sco■res to full-length m●ovies.  The Win■dows-based platform ●is the result of a ●collaboration be●tween Micr〓osoft and a r●ecent


ly formed ○company called ●Fugoo, Micro■soft said in a ●press releas〓e. "The myriad◆ gadgets of every○day life are gettin●g smarter an〓d more usef〓ul," said the r〓elease. "But wh○at may com●e as a surprise 〓is that hou○sehold applia●nces and de●vices are ab■out to get connecte●d t

o the outside ■world through ◆cyberspace."


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"The c◆ombination of Fugoo○'s platform and〓 Microsoft Wind●ows opens up● almost limitl◆ess possibilities fo●r transform○ing ordinary○ household items〓, a


llowing them to● perform all● sorts of new funct■ions and se●rvices," said Ste○ve Guggenheimer, ◆corporate vice p〓resident of the 〓Original Equi〓pment Manufacture■r Division at Mic●rosoft. "I◆magine having yo●ur alarm cl■ock not on◆ly wake you up● but also rem○ind you wha○t your first ●appointment of the○ day is and● calculate how long ◆it will take y●ou to drive to wor〓k based on current ●traffic conditions○." John Hui, who co〓-founded Fugoo● a year ago, said〓: "Many vendors are● trying to co●me up with ◆a multipurpose ma○gic bullet to● satisfy all the in●formation needs i●n the home, but thi■s sort of solution

〓 is bound to be expe◆nsive and compl〓ex.

We're taking a ●fundamentally di◆fferent approa■ch, building devi◆ces with compu●ting power and

splay an●ythi

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Int◆ernet connections to○ perform specific ■functions in or○der to keep〓 costs low and the 〓user interfac〓e simple." Hui has ●coined the term "○neo-diginet" ◆to describe th●is new gener〓ation of Intern●et-linked ◆devices. "Ou●r platform wi○ll make it fa○st, easy and● affordable to bu○ild an almost un○limited var〓i


ety of neo-digine〓t devices -- f■rom digital photo fr■ames to co○f

fee makers〓 and refrigerator〓s -- that will re〓define the◆

term 'hous○ehold applia〓nce,'" he ◆s

aid. The first neo■-diginet d

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